Tree Removal or Tree Felling (Aerial Dismantle using lowering techniques)

Sometimes a tree just needs to be removed

Whilst this can be a shame, often trees can be dangerous or unsuitable for their location. Whether a tree is blocking all your light, growing too large, or is the wrong species choice for its location it may just have to go. When such trees are in confined spaces, whether large or small, special climbing techniques are used to rig each individual part of the tree and lower it to the ground as shown in the video below.

We adapt our methods to suit the tree

Each type of tree grows at a different speed and they all have differing growth habits. We will advise you on what the tree species is and this will change our recommendation as to whether the tree could be pruned instead or whether this would make any problems you have worse.

We use our Arboricultural expertise

We have the ability to identify the characteristics of particular types of timber, which informs the techniques we employ. For instance, a Poplar tree is very brittle and comparatively weak so extra caution is used and a different selection of cuts may be selected when working on this type of tree.

Our equipment is state of the art

All our equipment is specifically designed for the tree industry. From the acserders and ropes we use to protect our climbers, to the heavy rigging ropes we use to lower the branches, all of our gear is fit for even the largest tree removal.

We use professional techniques

We use advanced tree surgery methods as laid out in British Standard 3998 2010 These techniques work in tandem with the NPTC qualifications which all of our team possess.

We use cranes

If your tree is particularly dangerous or it is prudent in terms of speed and, therefore, price, we may need to work with a crane company to facilitate the removal. We have done this many times before and have developed a great relationship with a local company.

We recycle

As the tree is being dismantled it is carried out and processed into woodchip immediately removed and recycled. Nothing goes to waste

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