Both arborists and tree surgeons are professionals who work with trees, but they have different focuses and qualifications. We have a head arborist with Stephen Canham and a full team of tree surgeons too.

Arborists typically have a broader scope of knowledge and expertise in managing trees. They are trained in tree biology, growth patterns, pruning techniques, and tree preservation. Arborists often work on maintaining the health and aesthetics of trees, assessing tree risk, and providing recommendations for tree care.

On the other hand, tree surgeons, also known as tree climbers or arboricultural contractors, primarily focus on the physical work of tree maintenance and removal. They are skilled in climbing trees safely, using chainsaws, and performing tasks like pruning, shaping, and removing branches or entire trees. Tree surgeons may not always have the same level of formal education or certification in arboriculture as arborists, but they have practical experience and training in tree work.

While there is some overlap between the roles, arborists tend to be more involved in the planning and management aspects of tree care, while tree surgeons are more hands-on with the physical tasks. Both play essential roles in ensuring the health, safety, and aesthetics of trees in urban and natural environments.

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