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Pruning an Oak tree in Sale, Manchester

Pruning an Oak tree in Sale, Manchester. Whilst the tree was well loved, it had started to out grow it’s space so a crown reduction was necessary. This involved reducing the tips of each branch to a suitable growth point in order that you don’t kill any part of the tree. This technique successfully contains a trees growth but also allows for sufficient foliage to be retained so as not to damage the tree. Normally you can achieve a well balanced shape and provide a good framework for future growth.

Confined tree removal in Brooklands, Sale, Manchester


We have many tree jobs where space is at a premium but this on is especially restricted. With care the greenhouse remained intact.

Lombardy Poplar tree removal in Brooklands, Sale, Manchester


This Lombardy Poplar tree had started to rot so a removal was necessary. It all went smoothly with the use of a speedline

Birch tree pruning in Sale, Manchester

Before picture

After picture

A well loved Silver Birch tree owned by a member of the woodland trust needed a delicate prune to contain it’s growth without compromising it’s health. It now looks more of a size to fit the garden and casts a lot less shadow over the plants and patio. 

Birch tree removal in Sale, Manchester for the Nhs


Tree removal for the Nhs, a regular client of ours. The tree was pushing a security fence over and was leaning more and more each high wind.

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