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Poplar tree removal in Chorlton

Tree Surgery in ChorltonBig tree today.

Careful rigging was required to work around a tight building site.

The tree was in the way of a new development so unfortunately had to be removed.

Lombardy  Poplar trees often get in an unmanageable state due to their brittle nature and propensity to rot quickly when pruned or damaged.


Nails in trees


I post this picture to advise anyone who is tempted to nail anything to a tree. In the picture you can see the start of a rot pocket which, eventually will progress enough to seriously damage the tree in the long term.

Confined tree removal in Brooklands, Sale, Manchester


We have many tree jobs where space is at a premium but this on is especially restricted. With care the greenhouse remained intact.

Lombardy Poplar tree removal in Brooklands, Sale, Manchester


This Lombardy Poplar tree had started to rot so a removal was necessary. It all went smoothly with the use of a speedline

Emergency tree removal in Manchester


Just one of the Seven sites we have attended today in the aftermath of the storm.

Leylandii tree removal in Urmston, Manchester


Amazing how big this tree is for 25 years old. Too big for the garden so it had to be removed

Removal of a Leylandii tree in Stretford, Manchester

Leylandii conifer tree removal

This tree was blocking a lot of light from all the surrounding houses, and the neighbours were worried about its size and growth rate. We carefully climbed and removed the tree a branch at a time, leaving everyone happy. Incidentally, we were the cheapest of three quotes.
Check out this ancient Beech Hedge we found

Check out this ancient Beech Hedge we found. Looks really old. Ignore the finger in the frame. Ha.

Before & After

Before & after picture. We needed a speedline to clear the building and surrounding trees. The tree had been topped before so a reduction was needed to lighten the load on the previous cuts.

Removing Ash Trees in Manchester

Removing some Ash trees as part of Connell Brothers demolition of a Manchester City Council buiding on Pinkbank Lane.

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