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Tree pruning

Plane tree pruning in Heaton Mersey, Stockport

Tree pruning in Stockport

Gareth having a well earned breather after a tricky ascent.
Lovely day for it.

Sycamore tree pruning in Sale

Tree pruning in Sale

This is the second time we have visited to prune this tree, after a harsh pruning by someone before us.
The first time we managed to establish a new framework which was suitable for future growth and this time we managed to shape that growth into a neat balanced crown.

Pollard pruning a Lime tree in Eccles


There was only really one option with this tree as it had been cut really heavily in the past. A Pollard is a viable option on a Lime tree as it will sprout back with vigour.

Re-Pollard pruning of an old Poplar tree in Stretford, Manchester


When a Poplar tree gets to a certain age then a Pollard is really the only option if you want to keep the tree. A best practice reduction would have been close to impossible on This hard to climb specimen and would not have rendered the tree safe enough. This tree had been pollarded before and some rot had started due to the cuts being misplaced. We removed the bulk of this rot and pollard cut each limb to a suitable node.
I look forward to seeing the flush of new growth in a few weeks.

Diseased Ash tree pruning in Sale


This tree has a fungus called Ganoderma. It can live inside a tree without killing it if the tree is vigorous enough in its annual growth increment. Basically the tree needs to out grow the fungus and throw some chemical barriers up against it to slow or stop it’s spread. 

Due to the large fungal bracket on the stem, we opted for a heavy crown reduction/pollard. This serves to re-invigorate an Ash tree and apply less stress on the roots and vascular system.‎

Also the sail effect or strain on the structure is significantly reduced. ‎

Pruning an Oak tree in Sale, Manchester

Pruning an Oak tree in Sale, Manchester. Whilst the tree was well loved, it had started to out grow it’s space so a crown reduction was necessary. This involved reducing the tips of each branch to a suitable growth point in order that you don’t kill any part of the tree. This technique successfully contains a trees growth but also allows for sufficient foliage to be retained so as not to damage the tree. Normally you can achieve a well balanced shape and provide a good framework for future growth.

Heavy pruning of a Conifer in Cheadle


One of the main stems had been blown out of this Leylandii tree in Cheadle. We reduced the rest of the Crown to render it safe.

Birch tree pruning in Sale, Manchester

Before picture

After picture

A well loved Silver Birch tree owned by a member of the woodland trust needed a delicate prune to contain it’s growth without compromising it’s health. It now looks more of a size to fit the garden and casts a lot less shadow over the plants and patio. 

Beech Tree Pruning

Beech tree pruning in Wilpshire, Lancashire today.

Here is a before and after

We took time to reflect the trees natural shape and the customer was very pleased with the result.

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