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Re-Pollard pruning of an old Poplar tree in Stretford, Manchester


When a Poplar tree gets to a certain age then a Pollard is really the only option if you want to keep the tree. A best practice reduction would have been close to impossible on This hard to climb specimen and would not have rendered the tree safe enough. This tree had been pollarded before and some rot had started due to the cuts being misplaced. We removed the bulk of this rot and pollard cut each limb to a suitable node.
I look forward to seeing the flush of new growth in a few weeks.

Removal of a Leylandii tree in Stretford, Manchester

Leylandii conifer tree removal

This tree was blocking a lot of light from all the surrounding houses, and the neighbours were worried about its size and growth rate. We carefully climbed and removed the tree a branch at a time, leaving everyone happy. Incidentally, we were the cheapest of three quotes.

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