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Hedge tidy in Sale, Manchester

Hedge trimming in Sale, Manchester

It’s surprising how quick a Leylandii hedge can get out of control. We rained this one in with a side trim with hedge cutters and a climb to chainsaw the top.


tree removal in Didsbury, Manchester

Tree surgeon, tree removal didsbury, Manchester

Poplar tree removal in Chorlton

Tree Surgery in ChorltonBig tree today.

Careful rigging was required to work around a tight building site.

The tree was in the way of a new development so unfortunately had to be removed.

Lombardy  Poplar trees often get in an unmanageable state due to their brittle nature and propensity to rot quickly when pruned or damaged.


Sycamore tree pruning in Sale

Tree pruning in Sale

This is the second time we have visited to prune this tree, after a harsh pruning by someone before us.
The first time we managed to establish a new framework which was suitable for future growth and this time we managed to shape that growth into a neat balanced crown.

Poplar tree rot


This is the rot at the base of the previous post.

Note the water pouring out of the cuts.

Do not over prune sensitive trees is the message.


This is the top. You can see the previous cut that has started to rot, leaving the remaining regrowth attached to a slowly rotting anchor point.
The entire core would have decayed leaving a hollow and this would have led to limb failure and possible injury.

Poplar tree removal in Urmston


Tricky one this one. The greenhouse obviously needed preserved as well as the hedge and fence. As this tree was topped previously it was knarly and rotten.  It took a lot of sharpens to get through the soily rot at the base.

A reminder that pollarding is only ever a short term option when it comes to some trees.

This one had become quite dangerous.
(See next post for the rot photos)

Ask the experts which trees are suitable for this procedure and which ones rot.

Delicate Conifer tree removal In Sale


Although this tree is quite small, we had to carefully dismantle it to avoid any damage to the garden. All removed in two hours. Lots of extra light and space for the garden.

Repeat custom for our Hedge cutting team



Before and after picture of a big Leylandii hedge trim in Sale, Manchester. Tom looking happy it’s finished there.

Re-Pollard pruning of an old Poplar tree in Stretford, Manchester


When a Poplar tree gets to a certain age then a Pollard is really the only option if you want to keep the tree. A best practice reduction would have been close to impossible on This hard to climb specimen and would not have rendered the tree safe enough. This tree had been pollarded before and some rot had started due to the cuts being misplaced. We removed the bulk of this rot and pollard cut each limb to a suitable node.
I look forward to seeing the flush of new growth in a few weeks.

Overgrown Conifer removal in Sale


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