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Crown Removal

tree removal in Didsbury, Manchester

Tree surgeon, tree removal didsbury, Manchester

Poplar tree removal in Chorlton

Tree Surgery in ChorltonBig tree today.

Careful rigging was required to work around a tight building site.

The tree was in the way of a new development so unfortunately had to be removed.

Lombardy  Poplar trees often get in an unmanageable state due to their brittle nature and propensity to rot quickly when pruned or damaged.


Pollard pruning a Lime tree in Eccles


There was only really one option with this tree as it had been cut really heavily in the past. A Pollard is a viable option on a Lime tree as it will sprout back with vigour.

Re-Pollard pruning of an old Poplar tree in Stretford, Manchester


When a Poplar tree gets to a certain age then a Pollard is really the only option if you want to keep the tree. A best practice reduction would have been close to impossible on This hard to climb specimen and would not have rendered the tree safe enough. This tree had been pollarded before and some rot had started due to the cuts being misplaced. We removed the bulk of this rot and pollard cut each limb to a suitable node.
I look forward to seeing the flush of new growth in a few weeks.

Overgrown Conifer removal in Sale


Removing an Ash tree crown in Eccles, Manchester
Tree Surgery, Eccles, Manchester
This Ash tree was causing a real problem with the neighbours, dropping branches on cars and blocking gutters. It was also blocking the light to a solar power unit and limiting its potential. We removed the crown to a suitable pollard point, from which it will re-grow. This is a well known technique for Ash trees and helps to rejuvenate the tree.

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