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Hedge tidy in Sale, Manchester

Hedge trimming in Sale, Manchester

It’s surprising how quick a Leylandii hedge can get out of control. We rained this one in with a side trim with hedge cutters and a climb to chainsaw the top.


Leylandii tree removal in Salford

Tree removal Manchester

This tree was one of four that entirely dominated the garden. All surrounding neighbours were unhappy with them too. The crown on this one had significant flaws in the form of included bark and could have failed in the near future.

Delicate Conifer tree removal In Sale


Although this tree is quite small, we had to carefully dismantle it to avoid any damage to the garden. All removed in two hours. Lots of extra light and space for the garden.

Tree removal in Wilmslow


The customer was informed by their insurers of the need to remove various trees on the property. Movement in the foundations being the reason. Once they are removed then the water levels in the soil will stabilise and stop the subsidence in its tracks. 
The tree in the picture is a large Douglas fir. Jack looks very small up there.

Conifer tree removal in Hale, Altrincham


This Cypress tree we removed was blocking a main drain. We removed it to ground level and carefully ground out the stump avoiding damage to the drain. Nice day for tree work.

Repeat custom for our Hedge cutting team



Before and after picture of a big Leylandii hedge trim in Sale, Manchester. Tom looking happy it’s finished there.

Overgrown Conifer removal in Sale


Heavy pruning of a Conifer in Cheadle


One of the main stems had been blown out of this Leylandii tree in Cheadle. We reduced the rest of the Crown to render it safe.

Emergency tree removal in Manchester


Just one of the Seven sites we have attended today in the aftermath of the storm.

Leylandii tree removal in Urmston, Manchester


Amazing how big this tree is for 25 years old. Too big for the garden so it had to be removed

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