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Confined tree removal

Leylandii tree removal in Salford

Tree removal Manchester

This tree was one of four that entirely dominated the garden. All surrounding neighbours were unhappy with them too. The crown on this one had significant flaws in the form of included bark and could have failed in the near future.

tree removal in Didsbury, Manchester

Tree surgeon, tree removal didsbury, Manchester

Poplar tree removal in Chorlton

Tree Surgery in ChorltonBig tree today.

Careful rigging was required to work around a tight building site.

The tree was in the way of a new development so unfortunately had to be removed.

Lombardy  Poplar trees often get in an unmanageable state due to their brittle nature and propensity to rot quickly when pruned or damaged.


Poplar tree rot


This is the rot at the base of the previous post.

Note the water pouring out of the cuts.

Do not over prune sensitive trees is the message.


This is the top. You can see the previous cut that has started to rot, leaving the remaining regrowth attached to a slowly rotting anchor point.
The entire core would have decayed leaving a hollow and this would have led to limb failure and possible injury.

Poplar tree removal in Urmston


Tricky one this one. The greenhouse obviously needed preserved as well as the hedge and fence. As this tree was topped previously it was knarly and rotten.  It took a lot of sharpens to get through the soily rot at the base.

A reminder that pollarding is only ever a short term option when it comes to some trees.

This one had become quite dangerous.
(See next post for the rot photos)

Ask the experts which trees are suitable for this procedure and which ones rot.

Sycamore tree removal in Wilmslow


A careful lowering job was needed to remove the crown of this Sycamore in Wilmslow.

The shed remained intact and the customer happy.
Some firewood was left for the owner, this is happening more and more. A lot of new wood burners out there I think.

Delicate Conifer tree removal In Sale


Although this tree is quite small, we had to carefully dismantle it to avoid any damage to the garden. All removed in two hours. Lots of extra light and space for the garden.

Conifer tree removal in Hale, Altrincham


This Cypress tree we removed was blocking a main drain. We removed it to ground level and carefully ground out the stump avoiding damage to the drain. Nice day for tree work.

Willow Tree removal in Stockport


We worked hard in order not to damage any surrounding fences and sheds during this overgrown tree removal.
Nice climb Jack.

Overgrown Conifer removal in Sale


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